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Inaugural Silver Star Couch Race

Event Date(s)

Sunday, April 6, 2014 - 08:00

Ever seen a couch ski? You will get your chance at the Inaugural Silver Star Couch Race happening in Silver Star village on Sunday April 6th at 3:00PM. Cheer on from the sidelines or gather a team together for your chance to win one of two $250 Silver Star gift cards.
Fastest Time and Best overall theme
1.No couches may be ‘borrowed’ from Staff accommodation 2.Couch must start as a couch 3.Couch must be human powered (exceptions will be made for sails) 4.Human couch ‘pusher(s)’ must be of sound physical health. We recommend
a daily diet of spinach and protein shakes. 5. max number of five people per team -- at least one must be seated on the
couch 6. couches must be taken away by team at end of race 7. No open flame or ignition sources 8. team attire must be family friendly and non-offensive 9. no open alcohol allowed 10. all team members are required to agree to and sign a waiver prior to racing (must be 19+ or have a legal guardian present) 11. any teams racing outside the designated course will be
disqualified. 12. all participants must wear helmets
Notes: Skis/Boards may be available to assist your couch building.
More information:
Please contact Guest Services at 250 558 6019 or [email protected] for more information or see event poster here.